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Rainy Days & Weddings

When my husband and I got married almost 16 years ago, it rained on our wedding day. The funny thing was, we got married in Las Vegas; in June. I never would have guessed that our garden wedding would turn into a chapel wedding at the Flamingo Hotel. That being said, many brides feel like rain on your wedding day will ruin it, and while it can be an inconvenience, many know it is good luck! Rain on your wedding day is a good omen and a sign of cleansing, unity, fertility and a happy marriage. Instead of thinking about the negative, focus on the positive!

Get Creative:

Curry's Cove is an amazing place that has a versatile look and feel. While the property sits on over 3 acres, we have beautiful grounds that can accommodate an outside party, but our Cove Room can easily

hold a ceremony and a reception with a quick flip of the room! Your vendors are probably used to dealing with unexpected circumstances and bad weather, so make sure to speak with your team and see what creative ideas they can come up with to make you and your guests comfortable!


If you anticipate rain on your special day, it never hurts to have some beautiful colored umbrellas on hands for guests to use incase they forget theirs! Best case scenario, the sun is shining and you never have to use them. They may even be returned if unused. Worst case, you have them if you need them!

Rain Boots/Flip Flops:

Rain boots are so stylish now and can be added to the wardrobe if needed so that your polished pedicure stays beautiful! Have your wedding party wear colorful rainboots or asks guests to come in them if you plan on being outside for an extended time period!

Rain Photos:

Photographers must be able to work with what they have and to provide the best possible pictures! This would be an amazing opportunity to capture some very memorable photos of the bride and groom, wedding party, and guests that people will be sure to talk about for years to come! Yes your hair will be wet, hopefully you already have water proof mascara, but think of the creative images that you could get!

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